Britney is an outstanding photographer. I have not see this kind of talent from a young photographer – or even a seasoned photographer – in a long time. …composition, heart, eye and insight. She has really impressed me. ~Steve Kozak, Master Photographer

This is definitely the most relaxed and enjoyable photo session our family has ever had. You are a gifted photographer, and have an ease with children that is remarkable.
Jan H.
Lakeland, Florida

Britney is the first professional photographer that I felt like captured my sonâ’s spirit, her pictures are beautiful!
Angela P.
Tampa, Florida

The quality and creativity used in our school pictures were unbelievable. It was such a complete change from the usual school portraits. She captured my boys’ personalities in each picture and I spent more than an hour trying to decide which one to get because there were so many great ones. I have recommended Britney to many friends.
Kristi M.
Tampa, Florida

The school photographs taken by Belvedere Studio and Mrs. Britney Fullgraf were by far the most impressive school pictures we have had in seven years of school. The images of our children were not only beautiful, but winsome and truly capture the personality of each individual child on paper. They have not been put away in a drawer as our photos from previous years have been. These photos are displayed prominently in our home. Many thanks to you, Britney, for giving us wonderful keepsakes to have for years to come!
Stacy T.
Tampa, Florida

You put us at ease immediately with your love of the art, which is obvious upon watching you work. It is simply a pleasure to be the subject when you are taking our picture. Even though I am no expert myself in the art of photography, I know the difference between true art and an ordinary image. You are able to capture, in a single image, the very personality and spirit of each member of our family . This ability is what separates an artist from the ordinary photographer.
Cathy G.
Tampa, Florida

Britney does lovely work. The coloring of pictures is very natural and we loved the outdoor setting. Also, the poses were interesting and varied. She made us feel relaxed and accomplished so much in a very short time. I would highly recommend her work.
Donna L./ B. Academy
Lutz, Florida

In a day of many photographers, Britney is extraordinarily gifted. She establishes rapport quickly, her client relaxes, and she is able to thus capture the personality. Her portraits are beautiful!
Linda R.
Tampa, Florida

The Nursery continues to appreciate your photography. I still receive regular comments on what adorable pictures we have displayed in the nursery hallway. Thank you for truly capturing our Sunday morning activities and the personalities of our littlest ones!
Stephanie T.
Lakeland, Florida

Thank you for the wonderful school portraits you did of my daughters. They are not only lovely, but you have captured their personalities so well! I can see the mischief in Brook’s eyes and Madison’s serenity shining through in her portrait. We used them as Christmas gifts this year and the grandparents were thrilled. No one believes they are school pictures; they are so natural, not stiff and posed like their previous school photos. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Mary L.
Lutz, Florida

The photographs we had taken of Abigail captured memories that will last a life time.
The W. Family
Doug, Cally, Abby, Josh, Emily Rose & Biscuit!
Tampa, Florida

The Christmas pictures you took have made so many in my family happy. You really captured their personalities, I will treasure them always.
Bartow, Florida

You made an ordinary school portrait into a personal statement of who our daughter is.
Thank you.
Glenda D.
Lutz, Florida

We have been pleased with the quality of the school photographs you have provided. They are of professional quality and we have been proud to share them with family and friends.
Rachel W.
Tampa, Florida

This is the first time I have ever been excited to purchase school pictures. Your ability to capture the charm and character that personifies my children in print is remarkable. I can’t wait to work with you again!
Michele H.
Lutz, Florida

Britney Kirby Fullgraf is a very professional photographer with excellent artistic abilities. I would highly recommend her for personal and/or commercial photographic work.
Kelly L.
Lakeland, Florida

Your work is beautiful! Of course my children were  beautiful (inside and out) to begin with, but you made them even better!
Bev B.
Tampa, Florida

How at ease you are as you work with the children. The time I spent with you was a pleasure.
You made it fun for them as well. They loved their fun photos of the group.
Tammy K.
Wesley Chapel, Florida

We are delighted with the photographs you took of our child Michael this year as they were more beautiful than any school photos ever taken before. And we really felt you captured the essence of our son the way we see him. We look forward  to using your services again in the future. Feel free to use us as a reference for any future prospects.
Mrs. Heather R.
Land O’ Lakes, Florida

You are very gifted. Thank you again for the new photos. They turned out beautifully.
Deborah D.
Tampa, Florida

Every time I walk by [my pictures] I am just filled with joy and then I get all emotional and I know I have told you before, but I just had to tell you one more time, Thank you. I just think you are so gifted. Thank you for capturing my sweet little babies at this time because this happens to be one of my favorite times, ever!
Stacy A.
Bartow, Florida

These were the best school photos ever taken of my children. Thanks!
Valarie S.
Lutz, Florida

You are a great photographer with creative and keen eye.
Jennifer Y.
Central Florida

I have been 100% satisfied with the photography of Britney Fullgraf and Belvedere Studio. Her
customer service is superb. It is evident through her photography the knack that Britney has for taking absolutely stunning pictures that display a child’s personality, mood, and their relationships with siblings and other family members. Her photography is top notch. I intend to use Britney and Belvedere Studio for future photography work.
Emma M.
Bartow, Florida

We are very pleased with the quality of the photographs, your presentation, and your professional and patient manner. Thank you, Britney.
Martha Crane
School Administrator
Lutz, Florida

You were patient and encouraging with my children, and the photographs show that as well as an attention to detail and color.
Jane L.
Tampa, Florida

Your photographs of Nathan are just about my favorite of his whole life (except one from when he was a year old that I titled “Boo-boo face).
Karen K.
Central Florida

I absolutely love the photographs you took of Daniel and Katie. I have years worth of cheezy school photos and I am so grateful to have these gorgeous shots. You really have an eye and you are very gifted. I really mean that!!!  Thank you and please keep us posted and keep us on the mailing list. Thanks so much.
Missy C.
Tampa, Florida

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